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Take Your Music Career to the Next Level

In today’s competitive music industry, with more than 100,000 songs released every day, it’s no longer enough to simply create amazing music. If you want to elevate your music career and take it to the next level, you have to combine your talent for music with a real connection to as many new listeners as possible.

For the first time ever, with SpaceLoud, you have the ability to connect with influencers who have millions of engaged fans. They have already built trust and credibility with their followers, and when they share your music, this social proof is shared with you. With every campaign, you not only increase your streams, gain new fans, and directly grow your career -- but you also give yourself the best possible chance to go viral.

Set Your Budget

You always have full control over who you work with and the price. You will not pay a penny until an influencer completes your campaign and your music is shared with the world.

Select Influencers

Search for influencers by type, follower count, favorite music genres, and more. With the world’s top influencers on SpaceLoud, the opportunities to find ones that fit your criteria are endless.

Grow Your Fan Base

Not only will you and your music instantly become exposed to thousands, if not millions of potential new fans, but they’ll also be sent directly to your music only. This power of leveraging massive influencer followings to drive new listeners to your music results in more streams, new fans, and increased revenue for you.

How It Works

Getting Started is Simple

1. Sign up With SpaceLoud

Create an account and get started. We’re invested in your success and offer a free 14-day trial. When collaborating with influencers, you’ll only pay when your campaigns are complete, and you always have full control of who you work with and the price.

2. Book Influencers Directly, or Create a Campaign and Let Them Come to You

To work with influencers, you always have two options. You can book them directly from their profile page, or, create a campaign and let interested influencers submit proposals to you. Whichever you choose, you’ll share important details including:

1) The music channel your song or mix is on. This could be Spotify, Apple Music, or Soundcloud.

2) The social channels you want your music to be shared on. We support Instagram Stories, Reels, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat with more channels coming soon.

3) The date and time you want your music to be shared, and how much you’re willing to pay.

3. Select Influencers

If you booked influencers directly, this step will already be done. They’ll review your booking and accept or decline it within 3-days based on their criteria.

If you created a campaign, you can review the proposals that were sent to you, and decide which influencers to work with based on your own criteria.

4. Your Amazing Music Is Shared With the World

Once a proposal is accepted, your music will then be posted by the influencer to the social channels specified, and on the date and time that was agreed upon.

To complete your campaign, the influencer has to screenshot the stats of each post and upload it directly to SpaceLoud. This way, you’re able to see exactly how many people were reached, how many clicked on your music, and other key statistics.

You don’t pay a single penny until these stats are shared with you. There’s zero guesswork involved, and you can easily measure how effective your campaign was. You just gained new fans.

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