Best Spotify Promotion Services in 2023

Most independent musicians are familiar with the music-streaming service Spotify. Since its beginning in Sweden over 15 years ago, this audio streaming business has expanded to offer services to more than 180 million paying subscribers worldwide. As of 2022, the digital streaming service boasts more than 430 million active users in over 180 countries around the world. That makes it the most popular music streaming service on the planet.

Spotify provides premium and free (with adverts) services for users to stream music and podcasts. There are more than 80 million songs available from record labels, media firms, and independent artists. If you're a music fan and you’re not using Spotify, you're losing out on a ton of excellent music from the best up-and-coming musicians around.

Likewise, if you are a musician, you are missing out on more than the payouts you’ll get as an artist. If your music isn't being streamed on this site, you’re also missing out on a huge potential audience for your live shows. That’s because in addition to the opportunity to make money from song streams, Spotify also gives you a chance to promote your music.

Spotify furthers your efforts at gaining exposure by allowing you to promote your music on other sites such as TikTok and Snapchat. Once your tracks and albums are accessible on Spotify, you can leverage that by interacting with influencers through a business like SpaceLoud

Spotify Memberships: Free and Premium

Spotify offers free and paid accounts with several different options for its paid membership.


There are restrictions on the Free membership. For example, after every few songs, you'll hear and see advertising. If you can live with that and want to say money, it’s a great deal. The bandwidth for music streaming at this level is 160 kbps, and mobile device streaming alternatives have even more restrictions, but you can’t beat the price.


A paid Premium account costs $9.99 per month. That hasn’t changed in recent years and the company often runs promotions offering the first three months for the price of one. Ads are removed from the Premium account, and you can download as many songs as you want for offline listening. When artists decide to put their music behind a barrier for two weeks after release, the streaming bitrate increases to 320 kbps and Premium subscribers also have access to singles and albums. Exclusive content is provided to fans while the artist generates buzz and profits from higher royalties. When you're ready to distribute your songs and albums on Spotify, keep that in mind.


The Duo membership offers a Premium account for two people living under the same roof. For only $3 more per month, both people get ad-free music listening, play offline, and on-demand playback.


The Family membership offers six Premium accounts for families. For only $15 per month, family members get ad-free music listening, play offline, and on-demand playback. Parents also have the ability to block explicit music. Spotify Kids is available as a separate app.


The Student membership offers the same benefits as the Premium account but for $4.99 per month per account. With that comes access to a Hulu (With Ads) plan as well as the Showtime streaming service. The plan is offered to eligible students at accredited higher education institutions.

Gain Access to Millions of Potential Listeners

Spotify may not have the highest pay rate per stream, but what it lacks in monetary reward, it more than makes up for in access to listeners. As we mentioned above, the service offers access to over 430 million users across the planet. The visibility this gives artists on Spotify frequently results in higher concert ticket and merchandise sales.

Gaining millions or even thousands of listeners and followers isn’t a given, however, artists need to create an artists page and they need to promote that page everywhere they can. It’s up to them to leverage this exposure to create even more fans and revenue streams. That could include conducting their own promotional campaigns or using the help of an influencer (more on that later).

How Spotify Pays Artists

The way Spotify compensates creators is by paying royalties rather than a set amount for each song or album. Simply said, they compensate you for the use of your music with a portion of each sale. The royalty paid depends on how frequently your music is played as a percentage of all the tracks that are played on their service. In addition, Spotify gives royalties to record labels and other third parties, who then pay the artists the royalties it receives from users.

Spotify's artist payments are based on a number of different elements. For instance, the location and kind of user account used to stream the music both have an impact on the price. Payment will also change if that particular stream was subsidized by advertisements. You do need a lot of streams to generate a respectable income, but as always, you should take advantage of every chance you are given.

Spotify Playlists

A Spotify playlist is a selection of music that the streaming service plays for subscribers. You must have a verified artist page in order to appear on a playlist. Getting verified is simple and is done through a digital distribution platform like CDBaby. All you have to do is select your best tracks, then submit them for review. It's an effective strategy for growing your audience, especially when used in conjunction with a campaign utilizing musicians as influencers.

Once the track is available on Spotify, you can suggest that track for inclusion on a list. Getting on a playlist is not a given, however. Spotify gets thousands of requests. You can only submit one song at a time, but don’t get discouraged. Keep submitting and you might strike gold. Getting on a Spotify playlist gives bands a huge boost and there’s no cost to submit your tracks

8 Best Spotify Music Promotion Services

For those who want to take advantage of Spotify’s power to break artists, there are a number of third-party companies to help. Once digital distributors get your tunes to platforms like Spotify, there are companies ready to help promote them. Below, we’ve listed seven great companies that do this after you’ve gotten your music on Spotify.

1. SpaceLoud

Once your recordings are live on Spotify (and other video and audio-sharing platforms) it’s time to promote them. Hiring influencers from a business like SpaceLoud is one method to accomplish that. An influencer is someone who molds attitudes and beliefs regarding culture. That includes music. These people have sizable social media followings, as well as strong opinions on a wide range of topics, including fashion, film, and consumer goods. They have the ability to change the career trajectory of bands and artists too.

Sharing information on social media networks gives a big boost to whatever products influencers promote and it helps the influencers make money as well — sometimes a lot of money. In addition to products, these influencers are also quite good at promoting music. SpaceLoud is a company that serves as an intermediary between musicians and influencers. They facilitate the relationships between artists and influencers. Read more about that here.


2. Music Gateway

If you are looking for an all-round solution to distributing and promoting your music, Music Gateway offers a 360° service that can promote your music across platforms like Spotify, TikTok and YouTube, as well as sync licensing, music PR, fan-funded vinyl pressing campaigns and more. With tailored Spotify Promotion campaigns using their long-standing network of curators, plus free playlist promotion submissions for artists to be featured on the Music Gateway curated playlists, they cover all bases for independent artists.

Their tailored Spotify Campaigns offer playlisting that matches your music to the best sought-after playlists according to style and genre. This ensures your music is heard by the right audience and receives real, organic exposure to grow your streams, monthly listeners and followers. They have a great track record with helping artists get placed on Spotify Editorial playlists and as a Spotify preferred partner, you know that you're going to get high-quality organic streams from trusted organically grown playlists.

[Music Gateway]

3. Omari MC

Another solid choice for promoting music is Omari. This music promotions program gives you access to Spotify for sure, but also TikTok, Apple Music, YouTube, and Instagram. Omari boasts over 250 million playlists and channel followers. Once you submit a song it gets reviewed for inclusion in promotion using a straightforward process. They critique a song, offer suggestions, and then forward it to one of their influencers. Before creating content on social media platforms, Omari makes sure that the artist agrees that their music is a good fit. In the end everyone is content with the increased visibility that results from inclusion.

Omari's Spotify marketing service focuses on the best playlist placement to greatly increase the exposure of an artist’s songs. Omari is a great service if you need to get your new single added to numerous playlists with tens of thousands of followers.

[Omari MC]

4. YouGrow Promo

Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok all receive music promotion services from You Grow Promo. Both music and individual video accounts are promoted. In their TikTok campaign, they have four price tiers that range from under $100 to just over $500. You receive up to 150,000 listeners, with a minimum of 15,000 listeners guaranteed. YouGrow Promo, which is established in the European Union and runs out of the Netherlands, is a good option for reaching a global audience.

To their hundreds of clients, YouGrow has provided 17,000,000+ YouTube views, thousands of subscribers, and a sizable number of organic Spotify streams. They are a good choice for expanding your music business.


5. Playlist Push

To assist musicians with the promotion of their music, Playlist Push was developed. Similar to how SpaceLoud links artists with influencers, Playlist Push connects artists with creators. The business first specialized in Spotify Playlists, but when TikTok's popularity grew, services were also made available on that platform. According to Playlist Push, it can send songs to more than 3,500 TikTok users with more than 930 million followers.

It’s simple to begin. Simply go to the Playlist Push website's application page, upload your track, choose your budget, and answer a few straightforward questions about the song's title, the artist's name, and the artist's location. Every day, you'll receive a thorough report on the development of your promotion, including statistics on likes, shares, and views.

A unique strategy is used by Playlist Push, which provides Spotify promotion services for both playlist creators/curators and performers seeking greater visibility. Playlist Push systematically identifies playlist curators who have the best possibility of choosing your music by concentrating on the musician side of their service offering.

[Playlist Push]

6. SubmitHub

Here's the gist of SubmitHub if you've never heard of it. The portal levies a nominal cost for curator submissions (including Spotify playlists, bloggers, and social media influencers). Curators must listen to your track and, if the appropriate boxes are checked, offer at least 10 words of commentary. Platform averages show that roughly 14 percent of submissions are ultimately accepted.


7. Plugged Promotions

Plugged Promotions offers 100 percent real, organic growth and is another excellent choice for a cost-effective Spotify promotion strategy. The business runs a $150-per-week campaign to market itself on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and TikTok. You receive between 20,000 and 75,000 views for that price. There are seven levels above that. The level offering the most views costs $1,500 for 410K.

[Plugged Promotions]

8. DaimoonMedia

DaimoonMedia is a useful promotion option because the bigger your campaign the more streams you get on Spotify. They offer two campaign options. The Reach Target campaign put the top priority on getting your tracks on the biggest playlists available and increasing your total number of followers. The Stream Target approach focuses on popular playlists over big playlists. They focus only on verified playlists and have a team of specialists overseeing over 50k streams every day that reaches over 100 million playlist followers. DaimoonMedia works with a number of different genres and they have a great user interface that allows you to monitor the results of your campaign.


Spotify Music Promotion Considerations

Many factors impact why artists choose to collaborate with influencers. The main motivation is to capitalize on their social media followings, but another reason is time, or the lack of it. Most musicians have full schedules of writing, recording, rehearsing, and performing gigs. Partnering with influencers takes a lot off of their plate. If you're a professional or aspiring artist, marketing is something you don't have time for.

Additionally, many artists struggle to market themselves. Therefore, collaborating with an influencer via SpaceLoud makes sense. You have control over it, and it costs little. You pick the person you think will represent or promote your music the best, and you decide how much the campaign will cost. You can sign up for a free SpaceLoud account to explore the platform before launching a campaign to promote your music.

Choose SpaceLoud for Spotify Music Promotion

You may enhance your visibility and chances of becoming viral by using any one of the seven Spotify music promotion services we mentioned above, but you ought to think about a few things before you decide. How much, for instance, would you be willing to pay to have someone promote your song on Spotify and what influencers are you looking to collaborate with?

Let's look at the responses to those questions using SpaceLoud as an example. If cost is an issue, using SpaceLoud allows you to set your own spending limit. You decide how much to invest, and you won't pay anything until the campaign is over.

You can choose the influencers you wish to collaborate with using SpaceLoud as well. You can check out the genres of music that someone has had success pushing before you decide to collaborate with them. Additionally, you can check out which platforms they favor, how many followers they have there, and whether Spotify would be a good place for them to promote their music.

You'll notice the increased visibility once you put up a campaign and the influencers start promoting your music on websites like Spotify. To keep you in the loop with your campaign, your influencer partner will send you screenshots of the statistics for their postings on Spotify and other platforms. Many artists favor quick campaign stats and apprecaite the ability to set their own spending limits as they collaborate with influencers who share their views.

It's time to continue your Spotify song advertising once it starts to acquire popularity. This increase in followers can be used to expand your fan base even more. Another campaign with a different influencer can be started, and the results can be compared.

How SpaceLoud Works

All it takes to get an influencer promoting your music is three steps. The first one is to choose your budget — whatever you’re comfortable with. Just ask yourself the question: How much am I willing to spend to expand my online presence? You can be cautious at first or go big your first time out, it’s up to you.

After you set the budget it’s time to find an influencer who matches your vision. Choose them according to how many followers they have or the genre of music they like. The last step is monitoring the campaign through screenshots of each post's statistics, including the number of clicks, views, likes, and shares.

Start Your Spotify Music Promotion Today!

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