Best Spotify Promotion Services in 2024

Many independent musicians are well-acquainted with the music-streaming platform, Spotify. Originating in Sweden a little over 15 years ago, this audio streaming service has grown exponentially, catering to over 180 million paying subscribers around the world. 

As of 2023, Spotify boasts a staggering 573 million active users across 180 countries. These impressive numbers solidify the platform’s status as the most widely used music streaming service worldwide.

Spotify offers both premium and free (ad-supported) services, allowing users to stream a vast library of over 80 million songs, spanning record labels, media companies, and independent artists. For music enthusiasts, not utilizing Spotify means missing out on exceptional music from emerging bands, songwriters, and performers.

As well, for musicians, the absence of your music on Spotify means more than just potential artist payouts. It means missed opportunities to tap into a vast audience for live performances. Spotify not only provides a platform for monetizing song streams but also serves as a valuable tool for promoting music.

Expanding its reach, Spotify enables musicians to promote their music on other platforms like TikTok and Snapchat which further amplifies exposure. Once your tracks and albums are accessible on Spotify, you can leverage this presence by engaging with influencers through platforms like SpaceLoud, further enhancing your visibility in the competitive music landscape.

Spotify Memberships: Free and Premium

Spotify offers free and paid accounts. Several different options are available for the paid membership plans.


Free memberships come with certain limitations. For instance, intermittent advertisements interrupt your music experience after every few songs. If you're willing to tolerate this and prioritize saving money, it's a workable option. The music streaming bandwidth at this level is capped at 160 kbps, and mobile device streaming options come with additional restrictions. However, considering the cost (which is hard to beat), it remains a worthwhile choice for budget-conscious users.


A Premium subscription comes at a monthly cost of $10.99. The company frequently runs promotions, often offering the first three months at the price of one. With a Premium account, users enjoy an ad-free experience, and they can download an unlimited number of songs for offline listening. Moreover, when artists opt to restrict access to their music for the initial two weeks after release, the streaming bitrate increases to 320 kbps. Premium subscribers also gain exclusive access to singles and albums.

This approach not only provides fans with exclusive content but also helps artists generate anticipation and increased profits through higher royalties. When preparing to distribute your songs and albums on Spotify, it's crucial to consider these benefits and the potential impact on audience engagement and revenue.

Premium Duo

The Duo membership provides a Premium account tailored for two individuals residing in the same household. For just an additional $14.99 per month, both members can enjoy ad-free music, offline playback, and on-demand streaming.

Premium Family

Premium Family, on the other hand, extends its benefits to six individuals within a family. Priced at only $16.99 per month, family members gain access to ad-free music, offline playback, and on-demand streaming. Parents also have the added capability to restrict explicit content. Additionally, Spotify Kids is available as a separate app for family-friendly content.

Premium Student

The Student membership mirrors the perks of a Premium account but at a discounted rate of $5.99 per month per account. Eligible students at accredited higher education institutions not only enjoy these benefits but also receive access to Hulu (With Ads) as part of the package.

Get Immediate Access to Millions of Listeners

While Spotify may not boast the highest payout per stream, its real value lies in the unparalleled access it provides to a vast audience. As mentioned earlier, the platform connects artists with over 430 million users globally. The visibility afforded on Spotify often translates into increased sales for concert tickets and merchandise.

Nevertheless, gaining thousands or even millions of listeners and followers isn't guaranteed. Artists must actively establish an artist page and diligently promote it across various platforms. It falls on them to leverage this exposure strategically, fostering more fans and diverse revenue streams. This could involve executing independent promotional campaigns or seeking assistance from influencers, a topic we'll delve into later.

How Spotify Pays Its Artists

Spotify compensates creators through a royalty payment system, eschewing a fixed amount for each song or album. In essence, they remunerate artists by allocating a share of each sale of their music. The royalty amount is contingent upon the frequency of your music being played, calculated as a percentage of all tracks streamed on their platform. Furthermore, Spotify disburses royalties to record labels and other third parties, who subsequently distribute the received royalties to the artists.

The remuneration for artists on Spotify is influenced by various factors. Elements such as the user account type and geographical location of the listener impact the payout. Additionally, payments may fluctuate if the particular stream is subsidized by advertisements. While accumulating a substantial number of streams is essential for generating a noteworthy income, it is imperative to seize every opportunity presented for maximizing earnings.

Spotify Playlists

A Spotify playlist is a curated collection of music that the streaming service presents to its subscribers. To feature on a playlist, artists must have a verified artist page. Achieving verification is a straightforward process facilitated by digital distribution platforms like CDBaby. Simply choose your standout tracks and submit them for review. This approach proves highly effective in expanding your audience, particularly when integrated with a campaign leveraging musicians as influencers.

After your track is available on Spotify, you have the opportunity to propose it for inclusion in a playlist. However, it's important to note that playlist inclusion is not guaranteed, given the high volume of submissions Spotify receives. While you can only submit one song at a time, persistence is key. Keep submitting, and you might eventually strike gold. Securing a spot on a Spotify playlist provides a significant boost for bands, and the best part is, that there's no cost associated with submitting your tracks.

7 Best Spotify Music Promotion Services

For individuals seeking to harness Spotify's influence in breaking new artists, several third-party companies are available to assist. Once your music has been distributed to platforms like Spotify through digital distributors, there are specialized companies ready to assist in promoting your tunes. Here, we've compiled a list of seven excellent companies that excel in promoting music after it has been successfully uploaded to Spotify.

1. SpaceLoud

Once your recordings are live on Spotify and other video and audio-sharing platforms, it's time to initiate promotion. Engaging influencers through services like SpaceLoud is one effective method to achieve this. Influencers are individuals who shape perspectives and beliefs across various cultural domains, including music. Possessing substantial social media followings and strong opinions on topics like fashion, film, and consumer goods, influencers wield the power to significantly impact the career trajectories of bands and artists.

The act of sharing information on social media platforms not only amplifies the visibility of products endorsed by influencers but also serves as a lucrative revenue stream for them. Beyond physical products, influencers excel at promoting music as well. SpaceLoud acts as an intermediary connecting musicians with influencers, facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between artists and these influential figures. Further details about this collaboration can be found here.


2. Music Gateway

For artists seeking a comprehensive solution for music distribution and promotion, Music Gateway provides a 360° service that extends across platforms such as Spotify, TikTok, and YouTube. In addition to sync licensing, music PR, and fan-funded vinyl pressing campaigns, they offer a range of services. With a dedicated Spotify Promotion offering, Music Gateway leverages its extensive network of curators to tailor campaigns, facilitating playlist placements and free submissions for artists to feature on Music Gateway curated playlists. This ensures a holistic approach to promoting independent artists.

Their Spotify Campaigns are personalized, matching your music with sought-after playlists based on style and genre. This strategic playlisting ensures that your music reaches the right audience, garnering authentic exposure and fostering growth in streams, monthly listeners, and followers. Music Gateway boasts a successful track record in helping artists secure placements on Spotify Editorial playlists. As a trusted Spotify preferred partner, you can expect high-quality organic streams originating from genuinely cultivated playlists.

[Music Gateway]

3. Omari MC

Another reliable option for music promotion is Omari. This promotional program not only provides access to Spotify but also includes platforms like TikTok, Apple Music, YouTube, and Instagram. Omari boasts an extensive network of over 250 million playlists and channel followers. When you submit a song, it undergoes a straightforward review process for potential promotion. The team at Omari provides constructive feedback on the song, suggests improvements, and then forwards it to their network of influencers. Before creating content on social media, Omari ensures that the artist agrees that their music aligns with the promotional efforts. Ultimately, everyone involved benefits from the increased visibility resulting from inclusion.

Omari's Spotify marketing service is particularly focused on securing optimal playlist placements to significantly enhance the exposure of an artist's songs. If you're looking to have your new single featured on numerous playlists with tens of thousands of followers, Omari proves to be an excellent service.

[Omari MC]

4. YouGrow Promo

For those seeking a Spotify promotion service to boost real listener numbers, consider exploring YouGrow Promo. Committed to delivering 100 percent organic and genuine growth for both Spotify and YouTube channels, they stand out in the industry.

What distinguishes YouGrow Promo is its zero-risk guarantee, assuring clients of a refund if unsatisfied with the results. Their features are categorized based on specific needs, whether it's YouTube, Spotify, TikTok, or Instagram. This flexibility allows you to either opt for comprehensive promotion across platforms or focus on cultivating your Spotify audience initially. Effective communication is a priority for YouGrow Promo, offering multiple channels for contact. This ensures clients are consistently informed and in control of their promotional efforts.


5. Playlist Push

In support of musicians seeking to promote their music, Playlist Push was created. Much like SpaceLoud connects artists with influencers, Playlist Push establishes connections between artists and content creators. While initially specializing in Spotify Playlists, the service expanded to include TikTok as the platform gained popularity. According to Playlist Push, it can distribute songs to over 3,500 TikTok users boasting a collective follower count exceeding 930 million.

Getting started is straightforward – visit Playlist Push's application page, upload your track, select your budget, and answer a few basic questions about the song, including its title, artist's name, and location. Regularly, you'll receive a comprehensive report detailing the progress of your promotion, encompassing statistics on likes, shares, and views.

Playlist Push employs a distinctive approach, providing Spotify promotion services for both playlist creators/curators and artists seeking enhanced visibility. By concentrating on the musician side of their service offering, Playlist Push systematically identifies playlist curators with the highest likelihood of selecting your music.

[Playlist Push]

6. SubmitHub

For those unfamiliar with SubmitHub, here's the breakdown. The platform charges a modest fee for curator submissions, spanning Spotify playlists, bloggers, and social media influencers. Curators are required to listen to your track and, if certain criteria are met, provide a minimum of 10 words of commentary. According to platform statistics, approximately 14 percent of submissions are ultimately accepted.


7. DaimoonMedia

DaimoonMedia presents a valuable promotion choice, particularly as the size of your campaign correlates with increased Spotify streams. They provide two distinct campaign options. The Reach Target campaign prioritizes securing placement on prominent playlists to boost your track visibility and overall follower count. On the other hand, the Stream Target approach emphasizes popular playlists rather than the largest ones, focusing solely on verified playlists. With a dedicated team overseeing more than 50k streams daily, reaching over 100 million playlist followers, DaimoonMedia accommodates various genres. Their user-friendly interface allows you to easily monitor the results of your campaign.


Spotify Music Promotion Considerations

Many factors impact why artists choose to collaborate with influencers. The main motivation is to capitalize on their social media followings, but another reason is time or the lack of it. Most musicians have full schedules of writing, recording, rehearsing, and performing gigs. Partnering with influencers takes a lot off of their plate. If you're a professional or aspiring artist, marketing is something you don't have time for.

Furthermore, many artists find self-promotion challenging. Hence, opting for collaboration through SpaceLoud becomes a practical choice. With SpaceLoud, you retain control, and the costs are minimal. You have the freedom to select the influencer who aligns best with your music and determine the campaign's budget. Exploring the platform is easy with a free SpaceLoud account, allowing you to assess its potential before launching a campaign to promote your music.

Choose SpaceLoud for Spotify Music Promotion

Boosting your visibility and potential for virality can be achieved through any of the seven Spotify music promotion services mentioned above, but careful consideration is essential before making a decision. Factors like your budget and the influencers you wish to collaborate with should be taken into account.

Using SpaceLoud as an illustration, let's examine the answers to these questions. If cost is a concern, SpaceLoud allows you to set your spending limit. You have control over the investment, and payment is only made once the campaign concludes.

SpaceLoud also grants you the freedom to choose your collaborating influencers. You can review the genres of music they have successfully promoted in the past, assess their preferred platforms, examine their follower count, and evaluate whether Spotify aligns with their promotional strategy.

Once your campaign is live and influencers begin promoting your music on platforms like Spotify, you'll witness an uptick in visibility. Your influencer partner will keep you informed with campaign statistics, sending screenshots of their postings on Spotify and other platforms. Artists appreciate the ability to set spending limits and quickly access campaign stats while collaborating with influencers who share their vision.

As your Spotify song gains popularity, it's crucial to sustain your advertising efforts. The increased follower count can be leveraged to further expand your fan base. Initiating another campaign with a different influencer allows for a comparative analysis of results and a strategic approach to sustained growth.

How SpaceLoud Works

Getting an influencer to promote your music is a simple three-step process. Begin by selecting your budget – choose an amount that aligns with your comfort level. Ask yourself, "How much am I willing to invest in expanding my online presence?" Whether you prefer a cautious approach or are ready to go big on your first attempt, the decision is yours.

Once your budget is set, the next step is to find an influencer who resonates with your vision. Evaluate them based on factors such as follower count or their affinity for a particular music genre. The final step involves monitoring the campaign by receiving regular screenshots detailing the statistics of each post, including clicks, views, likes, and shares.

Start Your Spotify Music Promotion Today!

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