SpaceLoud Partners With Songstats

We're excited to announce that we've partnered with Songstats!

Songstats is the premiere music analytics platform for artists and record labels, offering real-time data across all major streaming and social platforms to help you keep track of your performance. You can use the Songstats mobile app and website to keep tabs on your streaming, playlisting, and charting, and easily create custom visuals to share your accomplishments with your fans.

Along with its robust analytics, Songstats offers Creator Recommendations. This feature is designed to revolutionize your influencer marketing strategies and surface the best creators to amplify your music on social media platforms. All SpaceLoud Creators are now available via Songstats recommendations.

SpaceLoud artists can use the following link from a desktop browser to receive a special 20% discount off the lifetime of a Songstats subscription:


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