How to Submit Music to Influencers

The music industry has always been challenging. It demands that artists navigate a myriad of tasks before even starting. Beyond the creative process, involving your true passion for making music, there's recording, booking shows and tours, managing physical and digital sales, and much more. 

Promotion is a significant undertaking, and social media plays a crucial role in the marketing game. Fortunately, spreading the word about your art has become more accessible than ever. However, the drawback is the overwhelming volume of music released daily, intensifying the competition for attention. Savvy artists gain a competitive edge by collaborating with influencers. 

The key question then arises: how do you submit music to influencers?

Defining a Music Influencer

Influencers have always existed, from radio disc jockeys and music critics to television show hosts and retail record buyers in the past. While these roles persist to some extent, today's influencers also have a strong online presence, maintaining channels on platforms like YouTube, staying active on TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram, and creating playlists on Spotify. When artists partner with influencers, they form a potent team, fostering mutual growth in their audiences. 

The advantage for musicians lies in relieving the promotional burden, allowing them to focus on their music. While it appears to be an ideal strategy for gaining exposure, artists often face obstacles in understanding how to submit music to influencers. We'll delve into both the do's and don'ts shortly. First, let's explore some current platforms where influencers wield influence.

Using Social Media Platforms for Music Promotion

Social media trends evolve rapidly, impacting the platforms people choose for interaction. Numerous outlets for music promotion exist online, including traditional media like radio, television, and print with an online presence. From well-established platforms to new and emerging ones, here are a few effective avenues for music promotion. These platforms are likely spaces where influencers will showcase your music once you've submitted it to them.

Top Social Media Platforms to Promote Yourself

Today, some of the most prominent names in social media include TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. Notably, Instagram and Facebook are both under the ownership of Meta, enabling users to seamlessly navigate between the two without managing separate accounts. It's crucial to recognize that each platform caters to distinct demographics. For an influencer campaign to be impactful, it must tailor its message to suit the specific characteristics of each platform.


But music videos are so long! That’s what a lot of younger generation music lovers think. This sentiment may explain the rapid growth of TikTok. 

On TikTok, users can share 15-second snippets, often featuring themselves or friends dancing to their favorite songs. When these brief segments are strung together, you get 60 seconds of exposure if your music is fortunate enough to be selected. Making this happen is where influencers play a crucial role.


Instagram, originally a photo-sharing service, has recently ventured into competition with newer video-sharing platforms like TikTok. It introduced the Reels feature to cater to this trend and has begun actively promoting videos in user feeds. With approximately 1.44 billion monthly active users and ongoing growth, Instagram remains a formidable platform. Having influencers showcase your music in their videos on Instagram can significantly elevate emerging artists' visibility.


Do you feel like you spend a significant amount of time watching YouTube videos each day? You're not alone. This video-sharing platform witnesses over one billion hours of video consumption every day, and music plays a substantial role in this content deluge. 

Remarkably, 95 percent of the platform's "most watched" videos are music videos. Hence, being present on YouTube is essential, and leveraging influencers can help get your music there. Stay tuned for information on how to submit music to influencers; we'll provide that soon.


Bandcamp is an online platform that allows musicians and independent artists to sell and distribute their music directly to fans. There are no funny videos of the latest dance crazes here. On Bandcamp, it’s all about the music. Founded in 2008, the platform has gained wide popularity among musicians. 

Artists can create their pages on Bandcamp, where they can upload and sell their music in digital formats like MP3, FLAC, and more. Additionally, artists can offer physical merchandise such as CDs, vinyl records, and merchandise directly through the platform.


Snapchat, not too long ago, seized attention in the tech world as the next big thing, and it lived up to the hype. While TikTok has taken over the spotlight, Snapchat still boasts over 280 million users globally. Musicians and influencers alike use the app to generate buzz around their brands, with Snapchat Spotlight being a potent yet underutilized tool for this purpose.

Honorable Mentions

As fresh platforms emerge, more established ones may lose their appeal. However, in the realm of the internet, even a less popular app can harbor immense potential once you grasp the process of submitting music to influencers. Here are three platforms that should not be overlooked.


In the realm of social media, Facebook continues to reign as the largest network globally, boasting billions of monthly active users. Despite its popularity, it’s here on the honorable mention list because its average user age in 2023 was between 25 and 35. That may not be a demographic many new artists are looking to target.


Another noteworthy video-sharing service that has gained prominence in recent years is Triller. This app enables users to share short videos synchronized with music, featuring a feed akin to TikTok. One key distinction is that Triller allows users to listen to full tracks, deviating from the 15-second limit on TikTok. With over 65 million users worldwide, Triller has carved its place in the social media landscape.


Reddit stands apart from the aforementioned apps and services. It operates as an aggregator website, pulling content from across the web and consolidating it in one place. Users initiate discussions on various topics, giving rise to trends. The app has evolved to include features such as live streaming and broadcasting within its extensive network.

How to Find the Right Music Influencers

Now that you have an understanding of where your music needs to be heard and the significance of utilizing influencers for that purpose, the next question is how to submit your music to influencers. Enter SpaceLoud.

SpaceLoud is the solution that bridges the gap. This company serves as a connection point between emerging talents and influencers, offering promising artists the chance to elevate their music careers. For influencers, SpaceLoud provides valuable content to promote while expanding their followings. The collaboration is a mutual decision, with both parties choosing who they want to work with and at what price.

What Doesn’t Work

While there is a cost involved with SpaceLoud, the time saved and growth in your exposure often prove to be a valuable investment. Attempting to connect with influencers independently can be challenging, requiring significant time and enduring potential rejection. Here are a few tactics you can try on your own, though they come with their challenges:

Direct Message

You can attempt to contact influencers directly through their social media channels. However, the likelihood of receiving a response to a random DM is minimal, and it may not yield the desired results.


Trying to contact influencers via email is another option, but the chances of getting a response are slim. The back-and-forth process can be cumbersome, involving questions about promotions, costs, the influencer's familiarity with your song, posting details, payment methods, and more. This approach can be time-consuming and lacks efficiency.


Utilizing a third-party agency to promote your music is an alternative, but be prepared to allocate a substantial budget for their services.

SpaceLoud, on the other hand, streamlines this entire process, addressing these challenges and providing a more efficient and effective solution.

What Works

Streamline the process, save both time and money, and utilize SpaceLoud to connect with individuals who can amplify the reach of your projects. Submitting music to influencers is a breeze. To get started, visit the artist page on our website and create an account, enjoying a 14-day free trial with free campaign launches.

Once your account is set up, initiate connections. You can book an influencer by reaching out through their profile page, or create your campaign and let interested influencers approach you. When an influencer expresses interest in promoting your music, they'll submit a proposal via the website. You can either accept it or wait for more favorable offers.

In your campaign, specify the channels you want your music to feature on. Influencers will also see the platforms you currently use (such as TikTok, Spotify, YouTube, etc.) for self-promotion. Outline your budget for the campaign. If it aligns with an influencer's and their followers' interests, they'll submit a bid. Once your proposal is accepted, influencers will start spreading the word, sharing your music on the requested platforms, and boosting your followers, likes, listens, and shares. After the campaign concludes, you'll receive screenshots and links of post statistics, allowing you to analyze the effectiveness of various channels. Influencers only receive payment after you approve their content and they share this information with you.

3 Benefits of Using SpaceLoud

Promoting your music on SpaceLoud offers three fundamental capabilities crucial for advancing your music career:

1. Amplify Yourself

Spread your brand, communicate your message, acquire genuine fans, and boost sales of your albums, merchandise, concert tickets, and more. SpaceLoud empowers you to achieve your goals, allowing you to determine the budget required to reach them. The unique aspect is that you only pay after the campaign concludes. With full control over your expenses, there are no surprises at the end of your journey with us.

2. Leverage Influence

SpaceLoud facilitates connections with individuals who share your passion for music and have the means to promote your work. These are music enthusiasts themselves, and the more ardently they support your projects, the more effective they become at promotion. Ultimately, the decision lies with you – you choose who you want to collaborate with.

3. Gain Fans, Grow Your Career

Throughout the campaign, the chosen influencer actively promotes your music to their extensive followership. This brings more attention to your social media and streaming channels, such as Spotify or Apple Music artist pages. The outcome is evident in increased ‘listens’ and the expansion of your fanbase across various social media platforms.

Submit Music to Influencers Today

SpaceLoud is your partner in ensuring your music is heard. You've invested your blood, sweat, tears, and a considerable amount of time into the creative process, but recognizing that you can't do it all alone is key. Learning how to submit music to influencers is valuable information, and we understand this dynamic. We serve as the bridge between you and your potential audience.

We are actively seeking influencers to help promote promising talent. If you're an influencer with a dedicated following, and people trust your recommendations for new music, consider getting involved with SpaceLoud.

Now is the time to create those viral moments that will elevate your career to the next level. Our best-in-class tools are designed to assist you in achieving that. Your success is intertwined with ours, so join forces with SpaceLoud today and unleash your music to the world.



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