Introducing SpaceLoud Challenges: A Game Changer for Artists and Influencers

We're excited to introduce "Challenges," SpaceLoud's newest feature. This new addition to our platform is not just an update, but a revolutionary step forward for artists and influencers alike. It embodies our commitment to fostering an environment where creativity, visibility, and monetization converge seamlessly.

A New Era for Artists

Imagine a world where your music isn’t just listened to, but is amplified, celebrated, and echoed across the digital realm. That’s the promise of SpaceLoud Challenges. We’ve engineered a space where your creations get the attention and reach they deserve, giving your sound the fuel it needs to grow.

Here are the key benefits for artists:

- Only Pay for Performance: Your budget, your control. Reward the most viewed and creative posts – ensuring you’re only paying for top-tier engagement and creativity. You don't pay a penny otherwise.

Algorithm Magic: An influx of content featuring your music signals to the social algorithms that something exciting is happening. The result? Enhanced visibility and the potential to go viral.

- Content Goldmine: The creativity doesn’t end with the Challenge. Reuse the standout videos as ads or featured content on your own pages and across channels. You'll get dozens of posts to amplify.

Elevating the Influencer Experience

Challenges are your opportunity to use an artist’s song in your content and get paid to do it! No artist approval is needed, just your creativity and a better way to monetize your passion.

Here are the key benefits for influencers:

Open for All: Every creator and influencer is welcome. No artist approval, no hassle.
Win Big: Cash prizes are tailored for the most viewed and the most creative content.
More Chances to Shine: Expect 10+ prizes for each Challenge. Your creativity is amplified and rewarded.

How to get started?

Whether you're an artist or an influencer, simply login to get started.

Artists, click Create Promotion > Create Challenge.

Influencers, click 'Find Artists' and enter the Challenges you like.

Good luck!


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